Friday - Jul 19, 2019

You Can Now Load Your Serve At Rite Aid And Dollar General

American Express released a press statement announcing  the addition of Rite Aid and Dollar General to its free cash reload network, effective Dec 01, 2015.

Walmart is the favorite location for most folks to cash out the Visa/MasterCard gift cards. With this addition, we now have more options to cash out the Visa/MasterCard gift cards.  There may be store specific policy allowing only cash reloads.

Here is my experience at Rite Aid:

I have requested to load a prepaid card and the cashier did something on his screen, the payment screen displayed a list of prepaid cards that can be loaded at Rite Aid.

I  selected “Amex Serve free cash reload”  and then swiped my Serve card and mentioned the $ value I would like to load.

To test, I tried paying with a credit card initially, which was denied.  Cashier the reviewed the error message and mentioned “Cash or Debit” only

I swiped my MasterCard gift card and entered the pin to successfully completed the load.



You can now reload your serve at Rite Aid and Dollar General, effective Dec 01, 2015.

It is great that American Express has expanded its free cash reload network for Serve.  It is yet to be seen, if Bluebird can also be loaded at Rite Aid and Dollar General.


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