Tuesday - Jun 18, 2019

You Can Now Book Marriott Cash + Points for A Single Night

Late 2015, Marriott has introduced several new benefits to its members, which includes ability to transfer points, Points advance, redemption stay credit and Cash + Points.

Until recently, we can only make a reservation with a combination of points for selected nights and cash for the remaining nights. The major benefit of this approach lies in taking advantage of using points during high price days and still take advantage of 5th night free when redeeming 4 or more nights.

Marriott promised to make the Cash + Points option for the same night to be made available during early 2016. It looks like, Marriott is slowly adding properties with Cash + Points rates.



Participation seems to be limited as we found only a handful of properties available for Cash + Points option.


How to search Cash + Points availability?

There is no easy way to find the Cash + Points availability. Cash + Points are limited, hence it is not necessarily available all the time.

From the list of the all the available properties, you will have to click “View Rates” for each hotel to find if there is availability.



If there is availability, you will see the Cash + Points rates for the property.



I found the Cash & points rates for a few properties outside of USA as well.




Here is the FAQ from the Marriott website regarding the Cash+Points rates.





Marriott is now allowing Cash + Points booking within a single night. However, the participation of the hotels seems to be limited.

It is not easy to find the Marriott Cash + points availability, let us hope that Marriott enhances the search tool to make it easier.


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