Friday - Jul 19, 2019

You can Get Up To 50% Bonus Miles When You Buy Alaska Miles = Cheap Business/First Class Awards To India. You Can Get the 50% Bonus Even If Your Bonus is Lower

Through Dec 23, 2015, Alaska Airlines is running an interesting promotion for buying miles. Each account is targeted for a 35% , 40% or 50% bonus when you buy Alaska miles .  We have 3 accounts in our household, only one of the account is targeted for 50% bonus miles offer.



This is tiered promotion, you need to purchase a minimum of 40,000 miles to get the maximum bonus.




The interesting part is that you could buy miles up to 60,000 miles in one transaction, instead of the regular purchase limit of 40,000 miles.

If you buy the 60,000 miles, you will get a total of 90,000 miles (including 30,000 bonus miles) for $1,773.75 – which turns out to be 1.97 cents/mile.




What can you do with 90,000 Alaska Miles?

You can grab a one way first class award to India on Emirates and experience the Emirates A380 suites or you can redeem 70,000 Alaska miles for a one way first class award on Cathay Pacific to India.




What if you got lower bonus?

If you didn’t get the 50% bonus miles, you could still get the 50% bonus miles as long as your friend or family member got the 50% bonus miles offer. You friend/family member can gift you Alaska miles with the 50% bonus miles.





Through Dec 23, 2015, Alaska is running a buy miles promotion with up to 50% bonus.  If you buy miles with the 50% bonus, you can get 90,000 Alaska miles (enough for one way first class ticket in Emirates to India) for $1,773.75

As long as a friend or family member got the 50% bonus offer, you could get the miles from them as a gift with 50% bonus.

You can always use our limited time offer  – complimentary award booking service to get you the award seat.


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  1. raj

    November 12, 2015 at 11:59 am

    Are you planning to buy the miles using 50 % offer

    • takeoffwithmiles

      November 12, 2015 at 11:25 pm

      This offer is very tempting, but I have enough miles for my immediate travel needs. I may pull the trigger as we get closer to the end date of the promotion.


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