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You can buy $400 Visa Gift cards at Target

Couple of days ago we wrote about Visa Gift cards at Wal-Mart to maximize the lucrative Amex offer : Get $150 free money at Wal-Mart or Target. If you are a Target person, you can also buy Visa Gift cards at Target.


Save up to $150 per American Express card at Wal-Mart or Target

Save up to $150 per American Express card at Wal-Mart or Target


In this post, we will review the Visa gift cards at Target in this post.

Similar to Wal-Mart, Target also sells a variety of gift cards (mostly restaurants). I also found many American Express gift cards, but some Target stores also sell $200 and $400 visa gift cards and these Visa gift cards can be  loaded to REDcard. I haven’t tried loading Target Visa gift cards to Serve or Wal-Mart Visa gift cards to REDcard. Update: Target Visa gift cards do not work at Wal-Mart to load to Serve.

This could save you time and money, as you can buy a Visa gift card and load them to REDcard during the same trip.


$400 Visa gift card comes with a $6 purchase fee and it loaded to REDcard successfully. These Visa gift cards are issued by Target Bank.


Things you should know:

  • You can set any 4 digit pin on your first transaction


  • Use caution when purchasing and loading to REDcard in the same trip


  • I have only found these gift cards at only one of the three stores I visited


  • Target will allow you to split the payment on to multiple cards, However you cannot use the same card. (If you have only 1 or 2 Amex cards targeted for the “Spend $100 ore more at Wal-Mart and get $30 back – Up to 5 times” promotion, you may consider paying the rest of the amount with another card that you are trying to meet minimum spend – if any )


Here is a snapshot of the $400 gift card, I forgot to take picture before tearing it apart


$400 Visa Gift card at Wal-Mart

$400 Visa Gift card at Wal-Mart



Issued by Target Bank

Issued by Target Bank





you can buy Visa gift cards at Wal-Mart and Target. These gift cards can be cashed out through Serve or REDcard.  If you are targeted for the recent Amex offer “Spend $100 ore more at Wal-Mart and get $30 back – Up to 5 times” , you may buy Visa gift cards at Wal-Mart or Target to maximize the offer.

Considering the purchase fees, you may choose Wal-Mart if you find a store with $500 Visa gift cards.


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