Sunday - Jul 12, 2020

You can buy $400 Visa Gift cards at Target

Couple of days ago we wrote about Visa Gift cards at Wal-Mart to maximize the lucrative Amex offer : go site lab report example chemistry best price to edit and help me in college essays follow site viagra pharmacy thailand go site viagra in canada over the counter professional resume writer atlanta cheap article review writer services us how to write it documentation thesis ideas about education see url source writing a personal statement for uni buy viagra order viagra depression essay see url proofreading editing test source url resume writing service knoxville tn go to link follow source site unforgettable moment essay 1984 essay topics best custom essay writing websites order viagra online viagra actress football follow link viagra internet Get $150 free money at Wal-Mart or Target. If you are a Target person, you can also buy Visa Gift cards at Target.


Save up to $150 per American Express card at Wal-Mart or Target

Save up to $150 per American Express card at Wal-Mart or Target


In this post, we will review the Visa gift cards at Target in this post.

Similar to Wal-Mart, Target also sells a variety of gift cards (mostly restaurants). I also found many American Express gift cards, but some Target stores also sell $200 and $400 visa gift cards and these Visa gift cards can be  loaded to REDcard. I haven’t tried loading Target Visa gift cards to Serve or Wal-Mart Visa gift cards to REDcard. Update: Target Visa gift cards do not work at Wal-Mart to load to Serve.

This could save you time and money, as you can buy a Visa gift card and load them to REDcard during the same trip.


$400 Visa gift card comes with a $6 purchase fee and it loaded to REDcard successfully. These Visa gift cards are issued by Target Bank.


Things you should know:

  • You can set any 4 digit pin on your first transaction


  • Use caution when purchasing and loading to REDcard in the same trip


  • I have only found these gift cards at only one of the three stores I visited


  • Target will allow you to split the payment on to multiple cards, However you cannot use the same card. (If you have only 1 or 2 Amex cards targeted for the “Spend $100 ore more at Wal-Mart and get $30 back – Up to 5 times” promotion, you may consider paying the rest of the amount with another card that you are trying to meet minimum spend – if any )


Here is a snapshot of the $400 gift card, I forgot to take picture before tearing it apart


$400 Visa Gift card at Wal-Mart

$400 Visa Gift card at Wal-Mart



Issued by Target Bank

Issued by Target Bank





you can buy Visa gift cards at Wal-Mart and Target. These gift cards can be cashed out through Serve or REDcard.  If you are targeted for the recent Amex offer “Spend $100 ore more at Wal-Mart and get $30 back – Up to 5 times” , you may buy Visa gift cards at Wal-Mart or Target to maximize the offer.

Considering the purchase fees, you may choose Wal-Mart if you find a store with $500 Visa gift cards.


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