Thursday - Jun 04, 2020

Welcome to Takeoff With Miles

Dhanyavad ! Welcome to “Takeoff With Miles”!


Welcome to Takeoff With Miles


  • Can you afford travelling only in Economy Class?
  • Have you wished that your parents travelling from/to India, fly in Business/first class?
  • Did you miss an event/function in India because you could not afford the cost of travel?
  • Do you limit your vacations as your budget does not support multiple family vacations?

Like me, If you also answer “YES” to any of the questions above, this blog will help you overcome the above questions. We are able to visit many places like Hawaii, San Francisco, New York etc.. at a significantly low cost and travelled premium classes when travelling to India, which otherwise is cost prohibitive for us.

How are we able to do this?

We have embraced the hobby of collecting points and miles, which enabled us to see the world at an affordable cost and kept our family together across the globe, at a little cost to us.

Can you also see the world at little cost to you?

Certainly, objective of this blog is to give you a clear and easy to follow steps so you can also embrace this hobby of collecting points and miles.

What will this blog do?

This blog will primarily focus on tips for travelling from/to India and will share money saving ideas. You can expect up to date information on latest deals and miles earning opportunities.

In the future, we are going to expand the blog with additional services like “Award travel assistance”. and add more features to the blog

We look forward to hearing your feedback and any specific topics/questions you want us to answer. To celebrate the launch of “Takeoff With Miles” there will be a blog giveaway that will be announced tomorrow.

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