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Week2 Daily Getaways: Best Western Reward points deal

Last week, we have reviewed the deals offered in week 1 by US Travel association. Now we are in to week 2, most of this weeks deals are for hotel and Las Vegas resort stays.

Here is a snippet of all the week 2 deals



For March 30, 2015, deal offered is 10,000 Best Western Rewards Points for $55 (835 available). Normally these points are sold for $100.


Daily Getaway for March 30, 2015

Daily Getaway for March 30, 2015


Is this a good deal?

It depends on how you plan to use these points. I compared a few hotels with respect to cost per night vs. points needed.



If you buy points for this hotel stay, it will cost you $132


In the above example, AAA regular rate for 2 Double Beds – Non Smoking is $156.40, if you buy this deal, it would cost you $132 (24,000 points @ $55 for 10,000 points). Not a great value, also If you redeem points, you lose the ability to participate in any promotions, discounts.

Couple of other examples


one night stay at this hotel will cost you $110


Some Random redemptions vs

One night stay at this hotel will cost you $110



Starting March 30, 2015: Daily getaways will enter in to Week 2 deals . For March 30, 2015, you can buy 10,000 Best Western Reward points for $55.

A quick review of several redemptions did not show a great value in purchasing the points upfront for a future use, It may be useful if you find a hotel for lower points in a prime location.


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