Saturday - Feb 23, 2019

Wait till tomorrow to Book These AAdvantage Awards

Today is the last day to book AAdvantage awards per the current award chart. Effective tomorrow, there will be big changes to the AAdvantage chart and most of the awards are going up in price.




But, If you are planning to book an economy award between USA and India, you are better of waiting till tomorrow to ticket the award. You will save 5,000 AAdvantage miles per the new award chart. You can always call and hold the award now, ticket it tomorrow.



If you are planning to book a business or first class award using your AAdvantage miles, you would be better of confirming your tickets today. You can book tickets for travel up to mid of February, 2017.

Purchase/share miles transactions are instant, if you are considering buying/share miles to book premium cabin awards.


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