Thursday - Apr 22, 2021

US Bank Credit Card Transaction Declined? Here Is How You Can Fix The Fraud Alert.

Recently, we mentioned about the holiday spending offer for US Bank Club Carlson Credit Card holders. My offer required spending $1,500 a month for the next 2 months to earn a total of $40 in statement credits along with the points for normal purchases.




I signed up for the promotion, since I could make some money along with the points.  Here is my experience with the fraud alerts and how I solved it the hard way


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I tried to make a single purchase of over $1,500, so I can complete the spending for the month of November in one shot.  The transaction is declined, as I do not use this card often, for larger purchases.


Attempt 2:

I called US Bank and added a large purchase notification (which is also travel notification). I tried to make the purchase again, only to be denied again by the US Bank automated system.


Attempt 3:

This time I called US Bank fraud department at 866-821-8411  and notified them about the transaction. I tried making the purchase  again with the fraud analyst on phone with me.. Result – Declined

Apparently, the front line reps from customer service and fraud department are of no help


Attempt 4:

Analyst from the fraud department transferred me to a supervisor. After a few security questions, supervisor put an override on the account to stop the automated system from declining the transaction.

I tried the purchase for the 4th time and this time – SUCCESS

I also understood that the override can be placed for a specific period and the purchase should go through as long as  you make it during the period set by the supervisor.

Another option suggested by fraud department is to manually enter the card details with the merchant (I have not tried it)


What can you do to avoid this hassle?

If you do not want to make multiple trips, you could call the US Bank fraud department directly at 866-821-8411 and request to be forwarded to a supervisor to put an override on the account.



It can be frustrating when your transaction keeps getting declined due to fraud alerts. With US bank, you can call the fraud department at 866-821-8411 and resolve the issue proactively, by asking to speak to supervisor and request an override on the account.

This override can be placed on the account for a certain period.


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