Tuesday - Oct 26, 2021

Update on the Presidential Suite Deal At Park Hyatt Hyderabad

Recently, there was a deal on Presidential Suite room at Park Hyatt Hyderabad, which normally sells for about $2,000 USD per night.



But, for a brief period, this room was sold for  $174 per night.  As you expect, this was due to a technical error. After a couple of days, we received an email from the hotel stating the technical issue and the inventory was never supposed to be available.

PH HYD (21)

The hotel profoundly apologized and offered an Executive suite, even though the rate we paid is for a park king room along with an additional discount and hotel credit.



While Park Hyatt Hyderabad has every right to cancel the reservation, that was made during a technical glitch. We were proactively informed about the issue and was offered the best available room along with a hotel credit.

We had stayed here once in the past and had a great experience. This further solidifies our opinion of the hotel.


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