Saturday - Feb 23, 2019

Update on Target REDcard: You can still load Target REDcard with pin enabled gift cards

Earlier, we wrote that Target Prepaid REDcard will no longer allow credit card loads as of May 06, 2015. As expected, Target has hardcoded its system to not allow credit cards to load REDcard.


No more credit card loads to REDcard

No more credit card loads to REDcard


While it is sad to loose an easy way of spending $5K every month without any fees. This is inevitable, Target would not want to pay credit card processing fees any more. However, REDcard is still useful, you can still load with Visa/MasterCard gift cards with PIN.

Today, I am successful loading my REDcard with a Vanilla Visa gift card. I can report that pin enabled gift cards can be loaded to REDcard.


Vanilla Visa Gift cards at Office Depot

You can use Pin enabled gift cards to load REDcard

A word of Caution:

Some stores/cashiers may want t0 verify your ID and match the name on your Debit card, since it is a gift card with a pin feature, your name will not be there on the card and you may be denied to use a gift card for loading the REDcard. In those scenarios, I would just thank them and get out of the store to avoid any trouble.



Target REDcard cannot be loaded with credit cards anymore, However, you can still be able to load with pin enabled gift cards.

Note that the load limits still remain the same: $5,000 per month and $2,500 per day.


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