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Upcoming changes to IHG Rewards Club Program

IHG Rewards club has announced changes to its reward program for 2015. Most of changes are not so good.  If you are new to the IHG rewards program, you can find more in this post.


Introduction of new membership level

IHG will be introducing a new membership level (Yet to be named) in July, offering a range of benefits including 100% bonus points and option to choose 25,000 points or ability to gift platinum status to friend/family member every year you maintain the level.


IHG introduces a new membership level

IHG introduces a new membership level


Here are the four levels of membership and the criteria to qualify for each level

  • Club
  • Gold: earn with 10 Qualifying Nights or 10,000 Qualifying Points
  • Platinum: earn with 40 Qualifying Nights or 40,000 Qualifying Points
  • New membership level: earn with 75 Qualifying Nights or 75,000 Qualifying Points

Fast-track to gold/platinum status will be discontinued as of June-30-2015 as the new requirements are simpler than the fast track options.


Your points will expire if there is no activity for 12 months

Following the lead of other reward programs, IHG Rewards club also introduced points expiration, your points will expire if there is no activity in your account for 12 months.

Points expiration is effective immediately and IHG Rewards club will start expiring points in May 2016 if there is no account activity for 12 months.

However, it is very easy to prevent the points from expiring

– Points will not expire for elite members, so if you have Gold/Platinum status: your points will not expire

– Any activity that earns IHG points (Stays, Promotions, IHG Credit card spend, Buy points, Dining rewards, Partner promotions)

– Any redemption (Reward stay, donating points, redeeming points for items IHG catalogue, digital rewards)

– If you are a IHG credit card holder, your points will not expire as you get platinum status as a card benefit


Changes to Reward night point requirements

Effective May 01, 2015, around 450 hotels are changing in category. 300 hotels going up (need more points for a reward night) and 150 hotels going down (need less points for a reward night). IHG has released the list of hotels recently and you can see all the changes here . These changes to equate to approximately 10% of IHG properties changing in category,

As expected, hotels in premium locations like California, Florida, Intercontinental Properties and several resorts will need more points for a reward night.

If you have any plans for a reward night at any of these 450 hotels in the near future, you should consider booking them now even if the plan is tentative (you can always cancel without any penalty)


Some of the properties that are going up in category

Some of the properties that are going up in category


As with the trend with other reward programs, some of the properties in India are going down in category, so you would need less points for a reward night.

You would less points at these properties in India

You would need less points at these properties in India



IHG Rewards club is introducing changes to its rewards program. Your IHG points will expire now and there will be a new membership level which promises some exclusive benefits.

About 450 properties are changing category, out of which 300 properties are going up and 150 properties are going down. If you have any plans to stay at these hotels, you should consider booking now even though they are tentative.



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