Sunday - Jun 16, 2019

United Club San Diego – Review

We recently had an opportunity to visit United Club San Diego Airport. This is one of the newest lounges in the United’s Portfolio.




This Lounge is located in Terminal 2 west side.  After clearing security, there is an escalator leading up to the Delta Lounge and United Club in the next level. As you head the escalator, you can see signs for both the clubs.




Operating hours for this lounge are 5.0 0 AM – 10.00 PM  and can be accessed by Star Alliance gold members , United Club Day pass holders, United Club Membership holders, United Mileage Pus Club card holders, Premium cabin travelers (International and few transcontinental routes)


I was one of the first few members who arrived at 5.00 AM on that day and the lounge got really busy within a few minutes.



As I mentioned earlier, this lounge is new and is equipped with new furniture. However, the lounge lacks space, seating is very close and you could overhear conversations from other tables.

There is a conference room which located in the back next to the printer, copier and fax machine.



There is also a seating area overlooking the Airport gates and food court. Another disadvantage is the sound and the music that comes from food court.




You could set up your laptop and get some work done while watching the gates and overlooking the taxi ways.




There are power outlets across the table that pop’s up when pushed.




There is additional seating in the patio, which overlooks the food court and gates.




There is a bar to  buy premium wine & spirits.




Here is the pricing chart and there are a few complimentary choices.




Food Options:



There are Bagels and muffins available for the breakfast.










Rest Rooms are nice and clean, as you expect from a new Lounge.






United Club San Diego Airport is one of the newest lounges in its portfolio. This lounge is equipped with fresh furniture and amenities.

However, Lounge seems a little cramped and you may find it hard if you are looking for a calm place to relax.


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