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Here is how we turned a Credit card denial to approval?

Chase Sapphire Preferred is one of the best credit card for travel rewards. Right now, there is sign up bonus of up to 45,000 Bonus points after spending $4,000 or more in eligible purchases.


Chase Sapphire

One of the best credit card for travel rewards


Recently, one of our team member applied for a Chase Sapphire Preferred credit card. Unfortunately, the result was not favorable. We received a letter from CHASE stating that our application can not be approved at this time and mentioned the following reason(s)

“Not enough accounts opened long enough to establish a credit history”

We called the chase reconsideration line twice, but we were turned down again. We decided to write a letter to CHASE highlighting the existing association with CHASE.

Here is the snapshot of the letter


This letter did the trick for us to get the approval

This letter did the trick for us to get the approval


As you can notice, we made an effort to highlight the existing association with Chase -Direct Deposit checking account. At the end of letter, we managed to use CHASE punch line “SO YOU CAN” in a different way.

We have not heard anything for about a month, suddenly we see the credit card in the mail. We were surprised for a moment and realized that our letter to the CHASE executive team has worked.


Things you should know:

This trick worked for us, but it is not a guarantee that this will work for you. There are lot of factors that goes in to a Credit card approval.

Our credit history (even though it was less than 12 months old) is clear from late payments or any major issues.

We already had an association with CHASE through a direct deposit-checking account with a high 5 digit annual income.


We had success in turning a denial in to approval with CHASE by sending a letter. It is not a guarantee that this trick will guarantee the approval, but it is well worth the try if your Credit history is clean.

There is already a Credit inquiry on your credit report for the application, why not give one last try for an approval. We tried this technique with CHASE, but this may also be possible with other banks. We will keep you posted on our success with other banks as we experience.


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