Saturday - Apr 20, 2019

Travelled from/to India ? Did you claim your free travel credit? – Introduction

When you pay for your air travel (especially international) most airlines offer you frequent flier miles which can be used for your future travel and many other things like merchandise, Hotel stays etc… These miles are already included in the price you already paid for the ticket, so why not claim your miles and use them for future travel?

Most of the international travel from/to India is shared among  Air India, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Etihad Airways, Emirates, Jet Airways, Lufthansa, Malaysian Airlines, Singapore airways and Qatar Airways.

Do you get these miles by default?

No, you have to sign up for the frequent flyer programs and add the frequent flyer number to your reservation. Each airline has its own policy regarding retro claim of miles for travel not claimed.

Emirates has a significant presence in India serving international travel

You could travel in Emirates A380 for a fraction of ticket price

What are the other benefits?

If you travel often with the same airline, it would make more sense to sign up for frequent flyer programs as you could get elite status with the airline and reap even more benefits.

Even if you do not foresee a you a need for future travel could book an award ticket

Some frequent flyer programs let you use these miles for non-travel related products like merchandise.

In some instances, a round trip travel between USA and India will yield you a domestic round trip award in USA or a trip to Singapore from India.

There will be a series of posts over the next few days, discussing how to earn miles for your travel and take advantage of the miles for future travel.

Part 1:  Introduction
Part 2: Etihad Airways
Part 3: British Airways
Part 4: Emirates
Part 5: Air India
Part 6: Cathay Pacific
Part 7: Jet Airways
Part 8: Singapore Airlines
Part 9: Qatar Airways
Part 10: Lufthansa
Part 11: Malaysian Airlines

Stay tuned for the part 2…………

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