Sunday - Jun 16, 2019

Tip: Always charge your expenses to your Hotel Room

During your hotel stays, Do you charge all the expenses like Restaurants bills, entertainment expenses to your Room?

If your answer is No, you may be missing out on some easy points. 

When you Room Charge your expenses like Restaurant bills, entertainment tickets (if sold by the hotel), you will earn points for those expenses as per the Hotel Loyalty Program.

The points you could earn could be significant if you are staying at a resort, as there a lot of other activities that you could charge to your room and earn points. The number of points you earn could be higher if you have an elite status with the hotel rewards program.

Earlier this year, we stayed at “Hilton Hawaiian Village, Waikiki”  and we spent a lot of money on Luau Tickets, Paddle Board rentals etc.. we charged everything to our room and earned points for all these purchases on top of the credit card spend

We earned points for our resort activities

We earned points for our resort activities

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