Friday - Jul 19, 2019

Targeted Amex Offer: Get $50 Statement Credit With Air Travel Purchase of $300 or More

There is a new targeted offer from American Express. Per this offer, you can get a $50 statement credit when you make a purchase of $300 or more towards air travel. You need to make this purchase directly with the Airline (No need to book using the Amex travel portal)




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Why is this a great promotion?

You could get the $50 statement credit for any airfare purchase of $300 or more, as long as you buy the ticket directly from the airline. It could be a non-US airline (Ex: Emirates, Qatar, Etihad, Cathay Pacific etc..)

Here are the complete Terms & Conditions:

TC Air Travel


There is a new targeted offer from American Express, which will give you $50 statement credit when you make an airfare purchase of $300 or more with the airlines directly.

This is a highly targeted offer and you should check your account if you are targeted for this promotion.


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