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Save/Make Money with American Express Sync Offers

Do you have American Express Cards? If your answer is yes, dehydration essay digestion here thesis statement for rules of the game nom du generique de cialis degenerative listhesis definition get link plan for future essay polispecialistico sorrento home remedies for viagra free powerpoint essays go here substance abuse thesis follow url sample research proposal apa paper mobile application thesis proposal levitra with dapoxetine thesis in library system go go site buying cialis craigslist viagra for sale in auckland click source link rohit khandekar thesis western governors university c159 nurse patient ratio essay essay tourism are you taking advantage of the American Express Sync offers?

American Express Sync offers are a great way to save/make money. We have 7 American Express cards in our household, and over the last 2 years we have saved over $1,500, and in some cases, you can make money. These savings are on top of the sale price at those merchants.


We saved around $300 per credit card over the last 2 years

We saved around $300 per credit card over the last 2 years


In this post, We will  go through how to take advantage of the American Express Sync Offers.

What is Amex Sync offers?

American express offers promotions for random merchants, where you can get an additional cashback or discount if you use the credit card at these merchants per the T&C’s.

Here are some examples of American express sync offers.


Make Money

Make Money – Office Depot and many other retailers sell Visa/MasterCard and American Express gift cards


Which Cards are eligible?

All American Express credit cards are eligible with the exception of Corporate credit cards, Gift cards and Prepaid card – Bluebird.


Is it possible to enroll multiple cards?

In most cases, You can enroll all your eligible cards for the promotions. However, there are a few offers that are targeted to specific accounts and there is no way to add them unless your account is targeted.

Remember that Authorized User cards are also eligible for the Sync offers.


How to maximize these promotions?

Some retailers like Staples, best Buy, Home Depot, Office Depot…sell Visa/MasterCard gift cards, you can buy them and make money.

You can ask the cashier to split the payment on to multiple cards.

Even for online transaction, you may be able to call and pay with multiple credit cards for a single purchase.

Some retailers have a gift cards rack, you can buy any gas station,restaurant or any other available retailer gift cards and use them as you need.


How to Enroll for these offers?

There are multiple ways to sign up for these offers

Option A: Through your American Express online account.

Log in to your American Express account.


Login to your American express acount

Login to your American express account


At the bottom of the page you will find Amex offers & benefits, you can add all the available offers for that account.


Some of the Amex current offers

Some of the current Amex offers


Tips and tricks:

  • If you have multiple cards assigned under one login, you may not see the offer for all the cards. To overcome this problem, you can create a separate login for each card (even for authorized user)
  • A few promotions are available through Twitter only. you need sign up for these promotion using twitter hashtag (discussed below)
  • There is usually a limit on the number of subscriptions for some of the offers (like the Office Depot offer shown in the above image), do make sure to signup as soon as possible.
  • Whether you plan on using the offer or not, I would recommend adding the offer to the account as you never know when a need arises.
  • If you do not have Amex – credit cards, you can get Serve prepaid card, which does not require a hard inquiry.


Option B: signing up through Social media accounts

You can signup for Amex offers through several social media channels

You can signup for the promotions through Social media

You can signup for the promotions through Social media


Signup through Twitter:

If there is twitter hashtag for an offer, you can sign up all your cards for the offer. Let us go through step by step for signing up with Twitter. If you do not have a Twitter account, I would recommend signing up a twitter account just for these promotions

1. Create a Twitter account (If you do not have an account or do not want to use your personal account)
2. Sync your Amex credit card to your Twitter account
3.  You would get a confirmation email that the account is synced with Twitter.
4. Now tweet  @American Express  with  the hashtag for that offer.


Here is an example of how to sign up for the offer using hashtag

Here is an example of how to sign up for the offer using hashtag


5. You should get a reply (in Twitter) from American Express confirming that the offer is added to the account.


Tips & tricks:

You do not need to sign up for multiple twitter accounts, you can unsync your credit card with your twitter account and sync another credit card to the same twitter account and add the offer again.

If there is an offer available through social media, it is available through Twitter most of the time.


Signup through Facebook:

You can signup for Amex offers through Facebook app

1. Create a Facebook account (If you do not have an account or do not want to use your personal account)
2. Sync your Amex Credit Card to the Facebook App


Connect with Card number or online account login information

Connect with Card number or online account login information


3. Once your account is connected to Facebook. you can find offers and them to your card.


Offer through Facebook

 Offer through Facebook


You can sync your card through Trip advisor using this link


You can signup through Foursquare using this link



American Express Sync offers is a great way to save money . we have saved a lot of money over the last 2 years. Remember that Authorized user cards are also eligible for the Amex sync promotions.



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