Friday - Jul 19, 2019

Review: EY37 – Abu Dhabi to Paris in First Class

Etihad’s first apartment in A380 is revolutionary and is a class product. We had the opportunity to try the inaugural A380 flight from Abu Dhabi to Mumbai.



The first class product on Etihad’s other fleet looks inferior when compared with the First apartment in its A380, even though it is a better product compared with other airlines.

We had the opportunity to try the EY37 – Abu Dhabi to Paris in First class. This flight is scheduled for 9.10 AM departure from Abu Dhabi time, from T3. We visited the lounge for a quick refresh before heading to the gate.


We were greeted by the first class flight attendant and were shown our seat. There are 8 seats in the first class cabin and is fully occupied for this flight. We were offered a welcome drink and shortly the in-flight chef offered a menu.


There was a slightly delay in the push back due to a few last minute bags, but we were scheduled for on-time arrival.

Here are some of the features of the first class cabin.

Fully closed suite.

AUH-CDG (17)

Stay connected and charged..


Several seat adjustment options

AUH-CDG (13)

You can control the lighting of your suite from the remote.

AUH-CDG (14)

Ottoman and In-flight entertainment.

AUH-CDG (20)

A small mini-bar at your disposal.


Amenity kit for First class guests.

AUH-CDG (24)

Bergamote 22 amenity kit.

AUH-CDG (25)

Pyjama set for First class guests.

AUH-CDG (23)

Here is the menu offered in the flight.







Soon after take off, another glass of Lemon and mint i served along with nuts and olives.

AUH-CDG (21)

Breakfast served shortly after the welcome drink.

AUH-CDG (31)


AUH-CDG (32)


AUH-CDG (33)


AUH-CDG (34)

As we are about to get close to Paris, Captain came on the PA and informed us about a photo opportunity over Switzerland.


After a short nap and a movie, it is time for lunch.


AUH-CDG (37)


AUH-CDG (38)


AUH-CDG (39)

Finally, it is time for a Mocktail – Caribbean sunrise.


Etihad’s first class is  a great experience, even though it is not their flagship A380. Ey37 from Abu Dhabi to Paris is a 6 hours flight and we had an opportunity to try the first class.

We redeemed 40,000 AA miles before the devaluation for this award.


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