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Reminder: Amex CheckOut Offer Ends on 09/07/2015

Earlier, we have written about the launch of Amex Checkout. As an introductory offer, Amex is giving away $10 statement credit when you use Amex checkout at participating retailers.

You can learn more about Amex Checkout in this post. The best part of this promotion is that the $10 credit can be earned per card per merchant when you use Amex Checkout before Sep, 07, 2015.

Amex Checkout is currently available with the following Merchants.


1. Newegg

I have purchased the following items and received $10 credit. E-gift cards and items less than $10 also triggered the statement credit.

Groupon Gift Card

Kohl’s Gift Card

Online Gaming Code

Newegg sells third-party gift cards



2. Sabon

You can buy $10 gift cards at SabonNyc.com and use the gift cards to buy an item from their online store or one of their stores located in NY, MN or IL.

Sabon is specialized boutique store that sells a variety of body products, this is your opportunity to try something fancy. Shipping is free on orders over $100. You may consider pooling the gift cards across your friends/family members to avoid shipping costs.

Go through a Cashback portal to earn additional cashback. Topcashback is paying 8% (even when you buy gift cards) and you can get $10 off when you use WELCOME10


3. Warby Parker









Through 09/07/2015, you can get a one time $10 statement credit per merchant per card when you use Amex Checkout with participating retailers.

There are few money making opportunities with Newegg, Ticketmaster and some free stuff with Sabon.


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