Tuesday - Jun 18, 2019

News You Can Use: Register For Marriott MegaBonus Promotion, National Car Rental – One Two Free, Etihad Introduces Flex Fares

Marriott launched MegaBonus promotion for Fall-2015, you can register for this promotion through this link. Each member has customized offer.  You can check this Flyertalk thread to review all the available offers. You may be able to call Marriott Rewards and change the offer (YMMV)





National Car Rental has launched ONETWOFREE Promotion. Where you can get one free rental day for every two qualifying rentals of two days or more. You can register for this promotion using this link.






Etihad introduces Fare Choices. With Fare Choices, you can select the fare that suits your need. Some of the features include lesser baggage allowance, No Upgrades and Changes.


Fare Choices



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