Wednesday - Jun 03, 2020

News You can use: Get $5 Cashback with Discover card, Bonus miles with Club Carlson Card and Citi adds new transfer partner

Discover is sending targeted offer to its card holders. I received ” Spend $50 with your Discover card or pay with your cashback Bonus. Then, earn an extra $5 cashback bonus.

Check your email to see your offer. If you did not receive any offer, call Discover and check if they can find an offer for you.



Did you receive your offer?


US Bank sent out targeted offers to its US Bank Club Carlson Credit card holders. Earn an additional point for every dollar spent between March 01st 2015 and Apr 30, 2015. The catch here is, you will not get the bonus point for the first $200 and you can earn only a maximum of 2,000 bonus points.

This means that you could max out on this promotion after $2,200 (you will not get the bonus point for the first $200)


Earn an additional Club Carlson Point

Earn a Bonus Club Carlson Point


Citi has added new transfer partner – Qantas Frequent Flyer program, further strengthening its ThankYou rewards program. Qantas is member of Oneworld alliance and Qantas will be the fourth Oneworld transfer partner (Cathay Pacific, Malaysian Airlines and Qatar Airways) with ThankYou rewards programs.

While it is good to have new transfer partners, this is not an exciting addition as Qantas adds fuel surcharges foraward tickets.


Citi adds Qantas Frequent flyer program as its new ThankYou rewards Transfer partner

Citi adds Qantas Frequent flyer program as its new ThankYou rewards Transfer partner



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