Tuesday - Oct 22, 2019

New Amex Sync Offers

American Express has released new Amex offers. Here is a post on how to maximize the Sync offers.

Here is a preview of some of the eye catching offers

Lowes Lowes Terms


Tip: Lowe’s sells a lot of other merchant gift cards including Amazon, Shell, Southwest, Best Buy… You can buy these gift cards and still get a $10 statement credit.


FedEx Fedex Terms

Tip: FedEx sells a lot of packing, shipping and office supplies. You can maximize this promotion to buy these supplies.


Chevron Chevron Terms


Tip: $25 must be in a single transaction, so make sure to go with empty tank.


BW BW Terms


Tip:  Even if you do not have any travel plans, you may be able to buy a gift card and get a statement credit.


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