Monday - Jan 21, 2019

New Amex Offer: Save on your next Uber ride

Amex has issued another new offer “Spend $15 or more, get $5 back” . If you don’t know Uber, you can request a car ride with the touch of a button on your mobile phone.


Save in your next Uber Ride

Save in your next Uber Ride


If you are new to Amex offers, you can find out more in this post

If you are new to Uber, You can find out more in this post

There is also an offer from Capital one for Uber rides as mentioned in this post.

There are some additional Amex offers as well incase you are interested.


offer2 offer3



There are several new Amex 0ffers and Uber offer is probably the most exciting one. This seems to be a targeted offer.

Note that Authorized users and Serve account holders can also take advantage of Amex offers.



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