Thursday - May 23, 2019

New Amex Offer: Save Money On Your Next Gas Purchase & Many Offers Expiring

As we come close to the end of the month, there are a few Amex offers that are expiring. Here is a quick summary of the offers (some are targeted) expiring in the next few days.




If you are new to Amex offers, you can find more details on how to maximize in this post.


There are also a few new offers and the promising one seems to be for your next gas purchase.

Get a $5 statement credit when you make a single purchase of $25 or more at Exxon Mobil before 09/30/2015. This offer may be available under your online account. You can also add this offer using the twitter ##AmexExxonMobil.




You should hurry up, If you have not taken advantage of the Amex offers (some are targeted)  expiring soon. You should also add the ExxonMobil offer to your account ASAP.


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