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Moving Back To India : Here is How You Can Port Your Vonage Number

We often cover a lot of travel deals, credit card deals, trip reports and other offers. While this post may not be directly relevant to travel, it is still extremely useful for folks traveling/moving.

Vonage is a popular VOIP service for folks calling to India. You would be paying approximately $35 per month to avail the unlimited calling option to India, unless you are in a special promotion.

But, What if you are planning to move to India or want to move away from Vonage and still keep the phone number. You can do it for a minimum cost when you follow these steps

Here is the process

  • Gather all the details of your Vonage number
    1. Account Number (not your phone number)
    2. Pin
    3. Billing Address
    4. Phone Number





  • Go to a T-Mobile store and request to open a new prepaid service. The cheapest service you could do is $3 per month (30 local minutes/SMS). But, you would have to load at least $10.


Pay as you go


  • Request to transfer your existing Vonage number to this $3/mo “Pay as you go” plan and provide all the information outlined above


  • With in a week, your number will be ported to T-Mobile prepaid service.


  • Your Vonage service will discontinue after successful porting and you would get a pro-rated refund for any unused portion of the service


  • Once your number is ported to T-Mobile,you are free to move any where as you like.




Things you should know:

  • Vonage will make it as hard as possible to transfer your number – Be patient if there is a delay and get ready to provide any additional information


  • Have a plan if your Vonage number does not port quickly – 1 Week is normal.


  • I have tried with T-Mobile only, not sure if the Vonage number can be ported to other carriers


  • There is a remote possibility that the porting would fail


  • You should not cancel your Vonage service until your number is completely ported



If you are moving back to India and want to keep your Vonage number, you can port your Vonage number to a prepaid service with T-Mobile and then port to Google voice.

This entire process would cost you $31. ($1 for a Sim card + $10 for the T-mobile reload + $20 to port your number to Google voice)


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