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Your Marriott Rewards points will expire now

Starting February 1, 2016, Marriott Rewards members  who do not have qualifying activity in the prior 24 months will forfeit all accumulated points. If you have not engaged in qualifying activity since January 31, 2014 you have until January 31, 2016 to do so before the policy is enforced.


Your Marriott Points will expire now

Your Marriott Points will expire, if you there is no activity for 24 months


If you do not have any activity since Jan 31, 2014, you have about 11 months to prevent your points expiring. This is some form of devaluation as Marriott points do not expire until now. But it is fairly easy to keep your account active with the following

  • Make a paid (or redemption) stay at any of 3,800+ participating hotels worldwide
  • Redeem points
  • Make a purchase using a Marriott Rewards credit card
  • Earn points with one of our program partners
  • Purchase points
  • Hold a qualifying meeting or event, including earning points through the Rewarding Events Program


You can invest $12.50 to keep your account active

You can invest $12.50 to keep your account active


The following activities do not count toward maintaining an active status in the Marriott Rewards program:

  • Gifting or transferring points
  • Receiving points as a gift or transfer
  • Earning points through social media programs, such as #MRPoints


Marriott Rewards changed its terms and conditions, Marriott rewards points will expire, if there is no account activity for 24 months. This 24 months rule will be effective from January 31, 2016.


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