Thursday - Apr 22, 2021

Lounge Review : Plaza Premium Lounge, Hong Kong International Airport

We recently had an opportunity to visit the one of the Plaza Premium Lounge located in Hong Kong International Airport. This lounge is associated with Priority Pass, and we used the Priority pass select card issued for holding Citi Prestige card. This priority pass select card offers unlimited lounge access to the member + 2 guests or immediate family members.



There are 2 Plaza Premium lounges in Terminal 1 of the HKG airport that are associated with the Priority pass program. In this post, we will review the Plaza Premium Lounge located on the East hall near Gate 1.



This lounge is also accessed by business class passengers of several airlines including Etihad, Qatar, Swiss, Finnair etc and credit card holders from several banks like Citibank, HSBC, Standard Charted. There is no view of the tarmac and the lounge is set up in a gloomy light backdrop.

There is a dedicated area in the lounge for the Swiss first class passengers.



When we tried to enter the lounge at around 6.30 PM, we had to wait as the lounge is full. However, Business/first class passengers holding the entry pass from an airline, could still visit the lounge .



We had to wait approximately 20 minutes to get in to the lounge, and it is really crowded. Almost every seat is occupied, and credit to the staff for quickly removing the soiled plates, refilling the food and fruits.


Food offered in this lounge is not exciting, but it does the job. There is a wide selection of the non-alcoholic drinks



There is a small area with cookies , coffee and juices.


One of the disadvantage with this lounge (especially when it is crowded) is the small rest room and a single shower.



Liquor is not complimentary in this lounge and there are few snacks available at the bar.



Plaza Premium lounge located on the East hall near Gate 1 is associated with priority pass. This lounge can get very busy during peak times.

There is another Plaza Premium lounge located on the west hall, which is little more spacious and brighter with a view of tarmac.


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