Friday - Jan 17, 2020

IHG Unveils “Accelerate” Promotion Valid For Stays Between Jan 01 And Apr 15, 2017.

Intercontinental Hotels Group (IHG) has announced their fall Promotion “Accelerate” You can earn a minimum of 30,000 Bonus points if you are an existing IHG member. Each member will get customized tasks that need to be finished between Jan 01, 2017 and Apr, 15, 2017.

You can register for this promotion here and find your customized offer. Here are a few customized offers we have received. Let us know what your offer is..

Offer 1:



Offer 2:


Offer 3:



Offer 2 is the most lucrative offer, we can earn 31,000 IHG points with just 2 stays at a Holiday Inn Express hotel.

Sample Rates

Here are the complete Terms & Conditions of the promotion


You can now register for the IHG’s fall promotion “Accelerate“. You can earn a minimum of 30,000 points with this promotion for stays between Jan 01, 2017 and Apr 15, 2017

Whether you plan to participate or not, I would recommend registering  for the promotion


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