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IHG Promotion – Into the nights

Are you planning a vacation for the upcoming holidays? If you are going to stay at any IHG brand hotels or yet to plan your stays, consider IHG hotels and sign up for the IHG Into the Nights Promotion. Here are the details.

What is IHG?

IHG stands for “Intercontinental Hotels group”, with over 4700 hotels across 100 countries. IHG has nine brands InterContinental, Crowne Plaza, Hotel Indigo, Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Express, Staybridge Suites, Candlewood Suites, EVEN Hotels and HUALUXE Hotels and Resorts

IHG has 9 brands including "Holiday Inn" and "Holiday Inn express"

IHG has 9 brands including “Holiday Inn” and “Holiday Inn express”

What is “Into the Nights” Promotion?

with “Into the Nights” promotion, you can earn at least 50,000 points or Two free nights at any of the more than 4,700 IHG properties worldwide.  These two nights can be used at any of the hotels worldwide and if you choose points, you may get less value as the IHG top category hotels require 50,000 points per night.

How to get started?

First requirement is to become an IHG rewards club member, then you need to register for the “Into the Nights” promotion.

Once you register for the promotion, you will be given custom tasks that needs to be finished before Dec-31-2014.  To give you a flavor of the tasks I received, I can complete all of my assigned tasks with just 3 nights  (It can be any hotel, any rate as long as it meets the task requirement)

Here are some of the custom tasks given to our team

With just 3 nights, I can earn 25,900 points and 2 nights

With just 3 stays, I can earn 17,100 points and 2 nights by completing 4 of the tasks above


Another set of custom tasks:
Another set of custom tasks to get 2 Free Nights: Just need 3 nights to get 10,500 points and 2 Nights


If you are a new IHG member, you may get these tasks
If you are a new IHG member, you may get these tasks

 Is this is a good deal?

If you get tasks like above that requires only 3 stays and assuming that you can find a hotel for $100/night, your total spend would be ∼$300.

If you can redeem your free nights at some of the top IHG hotels, these hotels usually sell around $400/night. Here are some examples for a random date in 2015.

Intercontinental-New York Time Square can cost you $500/night

Intercontinental-New York Time Square can cost you $500/night


Intercontinental - San Francisco costs you $400/night
Intercontinental – San Francisco costs you $400/night

Things to know

1. This promotion expires on Dec-31-2014.
2. If you choose free nights, they must be redeemed before Dec-31-2015. (Points never expire)
3. Free nights can be redeemed at any of the IHG brand hotels as long as “Award nights” are  available in that hotel for that particular day
4. Awards nights do not count for this promotion
5.  A Stay is defined as one night or consecutive nights at the same hotel, regardless of frequency of check-in/out. So, if you have a long stay at a hotel, you and your family member/friend may book alternate days to maximize the promotion
6. Your family members/friends can also sign up and earn 50,000 points or 2 nights.
7. No retroactive points or miles will be awarded for Stays prior to Registration
8. Holiday Inn and Holiday Inn express are considered as different brands.
9. Stays booked through 3rd part websites like Priceline do not count.
10. Custom tasks vary by IHG account, sometimes it may take more stays to receive Free nights. do your analysis if you are spending your dollars especially for this promotion.

Are you planning to take part in this promotion?


If you have any upcoming stays before Dec-31-2014, consider IHG and try to take advantage of this promotion. This offer can yield a return of over $1,000 for a minimal investment.


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