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IHG Introduces “Spire Elite”: You May Have Earned 25,000 IHG Points, If You Are IHG Card Holder

Intercontinental Hotels Group (IHG) is global hotel chain with over 4,700 hotels across 10 countries. IHG comprises of some of the well known brands Holiday Inn, Crowne Plaza etc..


IHG has 9 brands including "Holiday Inn" and "Holiday Inn express"

IHG brands include “Holiday Inn” and “Holiday Inn express”


IHG Rewards Club is the loyalty program for this hotel chain.  IHG recently announced restructuring of its loyalty program and one of major change is the introduction of new elite level called “Spire Elite

Here is summary of the benefits and qualification requirements for all the levels of the IHG Rewards Club.


Benefits & Qualification requirements

Benefits & Qualification requirements


It is glad to see that complimentary upgrade is one of the benefit offered for platinum and Spire Elites. However, the upgrade is at the discretion of the hotel and suites are excluded from complimentary upgrade. There is still, no complimentary breakfast for top tier elites.

One of you reach Spire Elite, you get to choose a Choice Benefit – 25,000 IHG points or the ability to gift Platinum Elite status to a friend.


Choice benefit for Spire Elite

Choice benefit for Spire Elite


Here is the interesting part of this change:

Chases issues IHG Rewards Club Select Credit card, and you could find a signup bonus of  60,000 – 80,000 points depending on the offer.

Normally, IHG points earned from the credit card signup bonus and spend  count towards elite status qualification. So, If you got the 80,000 signup bonus points offer, you are Spire elite as soon as you complete the minimum spend requirements (requirement for Spire Elite is 75,000 points).

One of our team member applied for this card back in March-2015 and received the signup bonus in May-2015. We received 80,000 IHG points as signup bonus and it counted towards the requirement for becoming “Spire Elite”.

With Spire Elite – You get a choice benefit. 25,000 IHG points or the ability to gift platinum status to another IHG member. If you select 25,000 points, your points will deposit immediately.


25,000 points deposit instantly as choice benefit

25,000 points deposit instantly as choice benefit


Effectively, this made the signup bonus to be 105,000 (80,000 points from Credit Card signup bonus and 25,000 points for Spire Elite choice benefit).



There is no guarantee that every IHG credit card holder who received the 80,000 signup bonus this year can become Spire Elite. Few folks have reported that they were not upgraded to “Spire Elite” even though they got the signup bonus this year. If you were upgraded, grab 25,000 points and enjoy the status.

There is no guarantee that you can be Spire Elite if you get the 80,000 points offer now.


How to get the 80,000 points offer for Chase IHG Rewards Club Select Credit card?

Public signup offer for the chase IHG Rewards Club Select Credit card is 60,000 points after spending $1,000 or more within 3 months. You may be able to find 70,000/80,000 points offer when booking a room at

The other option is to signup for the public offer of 60,000 points, once approved and the card is received, you may send a secure message to Chase requesting to match the signup bonus to 80,000 points offer. (This is how we got the 80,000 points). You may have to try a few times, if you did not succeed on the first try.


20,000 points added to match to 80,000 points offer

20,000 points added to match with 80,000 points offer


IHG revamped its elite status tiers and requirements with the introduction of Spire Elite. You can reach Spire Elite status after 75 nights or 75,000 points.

If you recently applied for the chase IHG Rewards Club Credit card and got a signup bonus of 80,000 IHG points, you may have been upgraded to Spire Elite. you could choose 25,000 IHG points or the ability to gift platinum status to another IHG rewards club member.


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