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IHG 100% bonus on points purchase – Should you buy?

Through June 30, 2015, you can get 100% bonus when you buy IHG Rewards Club points. Under this promotion, you could get a maximum of 120,000 IHG points for $690. (0.575 cent/point)


IHG Promo

100% bonus on points purchase


If you are new, IHG (Intercontinental Hotels Group) is known for its brands like Crowne Plaza, Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Express etc..

IHG Reward nights start from 5,000 points for PointBreaks and goes up to to 50,000 points for its top tier hotel.


Should you buy the points at this rate?

You can get 60,000/80,000 IHG points through Chase IHG Rewards Club Select Credit Card after spending $1,000 or more within 3 months.  After you apply and got approved, You can get 80,000 points when you send a secure message to chase asking to be matched to 80,000 bonus points offer. Even though 80,000 points offer is unavailable publicly, you could still get 80,000 points.

You could buy IHG points at 0.7 cent/point on any day using this method.


Given that, you are buying 120,000 points for $690 vs. $840 (@ 0.7 cent/point) per the above method,I would buy only if there is a specific redemption in mind.

Here are a few scenarios, it may make sense to buy points. Note that award nights are subject to availability and there is an opportunity cost – you will not be able to participate in any promotions or sales and you will not earn points on award stays.



1. You could get a room for $201.25/night (35,000 points X $.00575) including taxes and fees.


Redeem 1



2. You could get a room for $172.50/night (30,000 points X $.00575) including taxes & fees.





3. You could get a room for $201.25/night (35,000 points X $.00575) including taxes and fees





4.   You could get a room for $201.25/night (35,000 points X $.00575) including taxes and fees





Through June 30, 2015, you can 100% more points when you buy IHG points. You can buy a maximum of 60,000 points per calendar year, so you can get 120,000 IHG rewards points after 100% bonus

You may consider IHG Rewards Club Select Credit Card to accumulate points – You can get 80,000 points after spending $1,000 ore more with in 3 months.

It may only makes sense to purchase points at this rate only if you plan to use them for PointBreaks (5000 points/night) or have a specific redemption plan.


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