Tuesday - Jun 18, 2019

How To Share Marriott Points With Another Member?

Marriott has over 4,000 hotels in its portfolio across the world and this number will go beyond 5,000 after the completion of Starwood merger.

Right now, you can get 80,000 Marriott points with the Chase Marriott Premier Rewards Credit card and you can use these points for reward nights starting at 7,500 points.


Marriott Reward Chart

There are even close to 30 Marriott hotels in India.

Recently, Marriott has introduced several positive changes to the program, one of which is the ability to share with another Marriott Rewards member. You can share up to 50,000 points in a calendar year.


Do you know how to share Marriott points?

You need to call Marriott Rewards at 801-468-4000 and request the transfer. You will pay $10 as a transaction fee, unless you are a Gold or Platinum elite member (You will only get silver status with Chase Marriott Premier Rewards credit card)





You can share Marriott Rewards points with another member by calling 801-468-4000. You will pay a $10 transaction fee unless you are a Gold or Platinum Member.


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