Tuesday - Oct 22, 2019

How To Get Instant Referral Link For Chase Credit Cards?

It is always nice to have the ability to refer friends and family members for credit cards. Chase, American Express, Discover lets you refer friends for a few credit card products.  When your friends/family members apply and get approved with your link, you earn bonus points/miles.

When you send a referral for American Express and Discover credit cards to your friends/family members, an email gets sent out almost instantaneously.

With Chase, When you refer a friend/family member, they will get an email in 1 week. Some times it can be irritating and may potentially miss any special signup promotions.



You will have to wait for one week to receive the referral link


How to get Instant Referral Link with Chase?

When you need to refer your refer friends/family member, do not refer them by email. You can get a link instantly when you refer via Twitter or Facebook.


Do not send the referral via email.

                                           Do not send the referral via email.


You do not  even need to post this referral on your Facebook/Twitter account. As soon as you click the Facebook/Twitter Icon, you should be able to get the link instantly and send the link via email.




With this approach, you have the link instantly and you can copy and paste the URL from the tweet in to your email and send them the link.


Copy the URL from the tweet

Copy the URL from the tweet and send it to your friend



When you refer a friend for Chase credit cards, your friend will have to wait for a week before he/she can receive the email. Instead, you can get the link instantly by referring through Facebook or Twitter.


Disclaimer:  Link shown in the tweet is our referral link.

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