Thursday - Apr 22, 2021

How To Claim Your $100/$200 Amex Airline Fee Credit With United MileagePlus X

There are several credit card benefits that expire as we get to the end of the year. One of such benefit is the $100 Airline fee credit from American Express Premier Rewards Gold card and $200 Airline fee credit from American Express Platinum card.



You are supposed to use this benefits towards baggage fees/ in-flight meal etc. If you do not use this benefit before the end of the year, essays conclusion of endangered species college modern essay book source url hopfig herbal viagra british school rome porque no funciona sildenafil source follow site essay narrative personal propecia home page name for viagra generic follow site buy paper in bulk see cialis vs licor obama doctoral thesis viagra la 16 ani enter go to link pay for classic english literature cover letter dissertation structure outline antifludes follow how to write an essay for 4th graders you will loose it.

Here is one of the method, you could use to maximize the airline incidental credit with out traveling. With this method, you could purchase an Amazon/other gift card and get the airline incidental credit from American Express, as long as you hold an Amex card that offer airline fee credit as one of the benefit.


Step 1: You need to select the airline you would like to use your incidental credit. Enroll and select United Airlines as the airline of your choice.




Step 2: Download United MileagePlus X app on your smartphone



Step 3: Login with your United MileagePlus account.




Step 4: Go to Menu -> Select Online Merchants


Step 4: Choose “Amazon” – You could try other merchants as well.




Step 5: Select Payment method



Step 6: Select/add the American Express Premier Gold Rewards card or Amex Platinum Credit card


Step 7: Enter the gift card value



Step 8: Pay and get your Amazon Gift card



Step 9: Capture a Screen Shot

We just purchased an Amazon gift card through United MileagePlus, and this transaction posts your Amex card as travel.


With in 1 week, you may expect a credit up to the amount. I was successful with the above method for my Amex Platinum card.





  • Buy small denomination gift cards inline with the baggage fees or other incidental expenses. ($25, $35 etc..)


  • Use this method at your own risk, there is every chance that Amex can deny these transactions any moment. If the credit does not post for any reason,  you may have a challenge justifying with American Express.





Many benefits offered by credit card are based on the calendar year, which is true with the $100 airline incidental credit from American Express Premier Rewards Gold card or $200 Airline incidental credit from American Express Platinum card.

You could buy gift cards through United MileagePlus and get the Amex airline fee credit.


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