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How to Cashout Visa/MasterCard gift cards

Earlier this week ,we have seen a fantastic Amex offer – Spend $50 at Smart & Final and get $25 Statement credit (3X). These is also another Staples offer for Visa & MasterCard Gift cards starting today.


You can buy Visa Gift cards at Smart & Final and Staples

You can buy Visa Gift cards at Smart & Final and Staples


Smart & Final Carries a lot of Retail, Restaurant gift cards, but if you do not have a need to buy the retail gift cards, You could buy Visa or MasterCard Gift Cards.

Can you cash out these Visa/Master Card gift cards?

Visa/Master Card gift cards can be cashed out, provided you have all these resources and follow a few rules.

Method 1:

1. You need to have a American Express Prepaid card Serve or Bluebird. You can signup online for free for any one of the account (You cannot have both Bluebird and Serve). I would recommend signing up for Serve as you can use American Express Credit Cards to load Serve online


  • Bluebird charges no monthly fee.
  • Serve has a $1 monthly fee which can be avoided when you use Direct Deposit or add $500 or more during your monthly statement period.
  • Serve and Bluebird can be loaded with debit cards at Walmart.  Visa/MasterCard gift cards come with a PIN option.


2. Not all Visa/MasterCard Gift cards can be loaded to Serve or Bluebird even though they have a PIN feature. American Express gift cards cannot be loaded to Serve or Bluebird. Gift cards purchased at Smart&Final and Staples can be used to load Serve or Bluebird.



You pin is the last 4 digits of your Visa Gift card

You pin is the last 4 digits of your Visa Gift card


MasterCard Gift cards can also be cashed out, You can find the PIN for your MasterCard gift in the package, If you did not find a PIN,  You can call this automated toll free number 866-9520563 and set up your pin.


MasterCard Gift Cards can also be Cashedout

MasterCard Gift Cards can also be cashed out, you can find the PIN inside this package.



3. You can load Serve or Bluebird at a Walmart Registers or Money Center or Money Center ATM. However, many cashiers have been objecting the use of Gift cards to load Serve or Bluebird. It is recommended to use Money Center ATM to load Serve or Bluebird.


Using Money Center is the preferred method as some Walmart's cashiers may give you a hard time.

Using Money Center ATM is the preferred method as some Walmart’s cashiers may give you a hard time.


4.  Once you have Serve or Bluebird and a gift card,  it is an easy process to load Serve or Bluebird at Walmart Money Center ATM.


  • Select Bluebird or Walmart Money Card on the Screen
You can Walmart MoneyCard or Bluebird

You can click Walmart MoneyCard or Bluebird


  •  Hit “Reload”


Select "Reload"

Select “Reload”

  • Swipe your Serve or Bluebird card on the Pin Pad

    Swipe your Serve Card

    Swipe your Serve Card


  • Enter the amount


  • Click “finish & Pay”


  • Finish & Pay


  • Choose “Debit”



  • Swipe your Visa/MasterCard Gift card on the Pin pad and enter your PIN


  • Confirm Amount


  • Select “No Cashback”


  • No Cashback


  • You will get a receipt once the payment is processed.



  • There is a limit of $2,500 per day and $5,000 per month.
  • As always, start small and make sure everything works for you, before trying in big numbers. You donot want to end up with too many gift cards in your hand.
  • Not all Walmart’s have Money Center ATM. In that case, your only option is load with a cashier and hope that they do not object gift cards


Some Walmart's has these kind of ATM's

Some Walmart’s has these kind of ATM’s

  • You may find  that the Money Center ATM is down


Method 2:

You can cash out Visa/MasterCard/American Express gift cards with a Target American Express Prepaid REDcard. However, Prepaid REDcard can not be signed up online, it should be bought at a participating store in select states.

Check this post on where to find a Prepaid REDcard.  DO not get confused with other Target Products.


Switch to REDcard could be an option

Make sure you get the correct Prepaid REDcard




Select Visa and MasterCard gift cards can be Cashed out at Walmart using Serve.  American Express Prepaid REDcard from Target is another option.

Start small and make sure everything is working for you as expected before trying big dollars. Some Grocery stores like Albertsons sells $500 Visa Gift cards.



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  1. Kenneth L

    June 29, 2015 at 4:31 pm

    Hi, I just purchased $2k in Mastercard gift cards and was not able to load it on to serve? Do you know what might be the problem? I bought it from cub foods and went to load it at Walmart directly after but was not able to. Do you think I might have to wait a couple hours before doing it? I tried registering it, changing the pin but it would not work. I tried on the atm and the cashier but failed on both.

    • takeoffwithmiles

      July 3, 2015 at 2:00 pm

      What kind of MasterCard did you try? Vanilla Visa MasterCard’s will not work at Wal-Mart for higher denomination loads (greater than $49.99)

  2. bwiflyer

    August 17, 2015 at 4:12 pm

    MC gift cards from US bank work in WM.

  3. Nitish kannan

    October 20, 2015 at 10:37 pm

    Download an app called circlepluspay.com its called payable link on website just use the creidt card to pay yourself on your phone. Use the same bank account as sign up so your credit card is paid off as well. Best way to get bonus miles fast. Or cash back

    • takeoffwithmiles

      October 21, 2015 at 7:09 am

      @Nitish, Wouldn’t there be a hefty processing fee?


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