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Hotel Review: Park Hyatt Hyderabad

Park Hyatt is the flagship brand of Hyatt Hotels & Resorts, known for its five star service and luxury. Currently, India is home to 3 Park Hyatt hotels and one of them is Park Hyatt Hyderabad.



We had the opportunity to stay at Park Hyatt Hyderabad, which we booked during the “Celebrate With Hyatt” promotion. We used a Diamond Suite Upgrade to confirm a suite in advance. This is a category 3 hotel and you could redeem 12,000 Hyatt Gold Passport points for a reward night. But, it may be advisable to pay for the room, as you could find rates starting at $90+taxes per night.


PH HYD (24)

We checked-in around 7 PM in the evening and we were greeted by one of the managers with a flower bouquet on the occasion of my birthday. We were taken directly to our suite to complete the check-in formalities, which is a great.


PH HYD (17)

While we were walking to our room, we were given a brief about the restaurants and facilities in this hotel. We were checked-in t0 room no 637- Park Suite King – which is the entry level suite in this hotel.


PH HYD (12)

The entrance in to the suite leads to the living room, which is decorated to reflect the local culture and history.

PH HYD (21)


There is a surprise awaiting us – since the hotel staff knew that we were there to celebrate the birthday- they had a cake and a flower bouquet of red roses.

PH HYD (4)

The living room contains a work desk, a mini bar, 55 inch TV and several amenities – Fresh fruit, Cookies, Almonds, Cashew and a bottle of wine. There is welcome note with our name on the TV home screen as well as personalized letter signed by the GM – Thomas Abraham.


PH HYD (37)


PH HYD (38)



PH HYD (39)


Bed room is quite spacious with floor to ceiling windows overlooking the buildings and traffic .


PH HYD (40)

Curtains and drapery can be controlled by the switches.

PH HYD (6)

There is also a huge couch to the other wall. There is another TV in the bed room with a wide range of TV channels along with on-demand entertainment.

PH HYD (41)

Bathroom is quite huge, with a tub in the middle overlooking the city, you can drop down the curtains when you are ready to dive-in. There is a candle and bath salts to help you relax.

PH HYD (22)

There is a double vanity with a wide variety of amenities including a 17 inch TV.

PH HYD (46)

PH HYD (3)


PH HYD (2)

Next to the bath tub, is a rain shower and a hand shower.


PH HYD (23)

There are 2 toilets in this suite, one accessible from the bed room and the other accessible from the living room. So, if there is an additional guest in the living room – they do not have to disturb the guests in the bed room, if they have to use the toilet during the night.


Breakfast is served at the “The Dining Room”  offering a variety of fresh fruits, breads, cold cuts along with Indian breakfast items.


PH HYD (18)

PH HYD (27)


PH HYD (26)

There is a Spa, Salon, Fitness center, Swimming pool. While I didn’t use these facilities, I can see that they are well maintained.



PH HYD (31)


PH HYD (30)


PH HYD (29)


Swimming pool overlooks the city and there are cabana’s you can relax in.

PH HYD (33)

There is also a play area for kids with a TV.


PH HYD (28)


Park Hyatt Hyderabad truly lives up to the expectation of a Park Hyatt.  Service has been exceptional and all the staff  I have interacted are  courteous and happy to help.

While the food options are great in the dinner buffet, you may not find the native flavor.


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