Tuesday - Jun 18, 2019

Hotel Deal: Park Hyatt Hyderabad – Presidential Suite For $174 (Including Taxes)

Via Extreme Hotel Deals, you can get a Presidential Suite at Park Hyatt Hyderabad for approximately $174 (Including taxes). We have reviewed this hotel in the past, and is a great option if you need to stay in Hyderabad.




This is a category 2 hotel in the Hyatt portfolio, which means you can get reward nights starting at 8,000 points.


Normally, Presidential Suite in this hotel costs around 2,000 USD (including taxes).




To book the presidential suite at this rate – you need to book the rate “The Places You Can Explore” available at Hyatt.com



For the same day, you can book the presidential Suite at a significantly lower rate, when you book “The Places You Can Explore”.




This rate is available between Dec 15, 2016 and Mar 15, 2016 on several days. If you could not find the Presidential Suite for the lower rate, you could find Diplomatic Suite or Chairman’s suite for similar price.



You can stay in the Presidential Suite at Park Hyatt Hyderabad for $174/day on several days between Dec 15, 2016 and Mar 15, 2017.

This is a great choice if you are looking for hotel stay in Hyderabad and this also includes airport transfers along with the in-room breakfast.


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