Thursday - Feb 21, 2019 Shipping Fee Increases

Earlier we have discussed that is one of best options available to buy personalized gift cards online. After a while, has increased the card activation fee from $4.95 to $6.95.

Now, the cheapest shipping option (USPS First class)  $1.99  is no longer available, you can select “USPS Delivery confirmation” for $7.45



With the new shipping fee of $7.45, the equation gets expensive. The only benefits here is this $7.45 is per order, which means you could order multiple cards and split the cost. Note that $6.95 activation fee is per card.

Here is the cost of one Visa card without any rewards applied.





Conclusion: has eliminated the cheapest shipping option (USPS First Class – $1.99). The next best option is $7.45 per order. It may make sense, if you could order multiple cards in one order.

Let us hope that the cheapest option will return or a free shipping code becomes available. Otherwise, it may not be worthwhile for most people.


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