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Get a $650 AT&T phone for free with this new credit card

Citi in partnership with AT&T has launched 2 new credit cards- AT&T Access More Card and AT&T Access Card. We will look at these 2 cards and see how to potentially maximize this offer.


New Citi AT&T cards

New Citi AT&T cards


AT&T Access More Card

AT&T Access More card has an unique signup bonus. You can get a $650 statement credit to buy an AT&T phone up to $650 (excludes taxes, shipping and wireless service)


Access more

A Unique signup bonus: Get a phone worth $650 as a signup bonus


Here is how it works


  • Spend $2,000 or more in eligible purchases within 3months of account opening


Features of the Citi AT&T More Access card

Features of the AT&T Access More card


  • You will be provided an unique link to purchase an AT&T phone, and you can purchase a phone (at full price with no annual contract) right away with your AT&T Access More Card for this purchase to be a part of $2,000 spend.


  • Activate your postpaid phone service and maintain the account active for a minimum of 15 days. (You can not return the phone/cancel the service during this period)


  • Citi will credit your account up to $650 towards the cost of your phone (excluding taxes, shipping and wireless service)


  •  Here is the AT&T unlock policy, You may request the phone to unlocked after 60 days of service if your payment history is clean.


You can get a No-Contract Iphone6

You can get a No-Contract Iphone6


Other features of this card

  • $95 Annual fee


  • 3X ThankYou points per  every dollar on products and services purchases directly from AT&T


  • 3X ThankYou points per every dollar on Retail and travel websites. This is a great feature, the ability to earn 3X ThankYou points on all you online retail purchases. If you combine with Citi ThankYou Premier and/or Citi ThankYou Prestige, the value of ThankYou points goes up significantly.


  • Per Citi, here is the definition of Retail website

Retail websites are websites that sell goods directly to the consumer through an online website and include department store websites, specialty store websites, warehouse store websites and boutique websites


  • 10,000 Anniversary bonus points after you spend $10,000 in the prior card membership year


AT&T Access Card

The other version of this card is AT&T Access Card, this card comes with a signup bonus of 10,000 ThankYou points. You would be better of applying Citi ThankYou preferred Credit card


You should consider Citi ThankYou Preferred card before getting this card

You should consider Citi ThankYou Preferred card before getting this card



Citi has launched their new AT&T co-branded credit cards – AT&T Access More Card and AT&T Access Card.  AT&T Access More card seems to be a great offer with a potential signup bonus of $650 equivalent phone and 3X ThankYou points on online retail purchases.

If you are in the market for a new phone service, you may consider this card. Note that there is an annual fee of $95 and the phone service should be active for a minimum of 15 days to receive the credit towards your phone purchase.



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