Sunday - Jun 16, 2019

Get a $15 Statement Credit When You Use Chase Sapphire cards With Visa Check Out

Through 09/30/2015, you can get a one time $15 Statement credit when you use your Chase Sapphire (no longer available for new signups) or Chase Sapphire Preferred Credit card with Visa Checkout.





Visa Checkout can be used at many retailers including Staples, Newegg. There seems to be no minimum purchase requirement, so you can buy a 49 cents gaming code at Newegg or get $15 worth of food from Pizza hut for free.

You need to ensure that you signup or sign in to the Visa Checkout on the merchant page while checking out.




Similar to Amex Checkout offer, Visa checkout is offering a $15 statement when you use Chase Sapphire or Chase Sapphire Credit card with visa checkout on or before 09/30/2015.

There seems to be no minimum purchase requirement, you may be able to make a small purchase and make some money.


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