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Get 25% Bonus When You Transfer Amex Membership Reward Points to Virgin America Elevate

Through 10/08/2015, American Express is offering 25% transfer bonus when you transfer American Express Membership Reward points to Virgin American Elevate.

Normally, you get 100 Virgin American Elevate points for every 200 Membership Rewards Points, with this promotion you get 125 points for every 200 Membership rewards points.




Some of the Membership Rewards points earning cards are Premier Rewards Gold Card, Every Day Credit Card, Platinum card.


Is this a good deal?

With Virgin America Elevate program, points needed for an award ticket depend on the revenue price of the ticket. you get a fixed value for each point (2.2-2.5 cents/point) when you redeem for Virgin America awards.

Here is sample itinerary. It will cost you $179 if you pay money


Sample Revenue


If you decide to use points for the same itinerary, it will cost you 7,628 Elevate points + $5.60 in taxes/fees for a “Main cabin” seat. This is approximately 2.2 cents/point.


Sample Award


If you are transferring during this promotion, you need to transfer 12,400 Membership rewards points to Virgin America to get 7628 elevate points which can  be redeemed for a $179 ticket. You are getting 1.46 cents in return for every membership reward points.

Note that you will also pay an excise tax of $0.60 cents for every 1,000 membership reward points transferred.

You can also redeem Virgin America Elevate points for travelling on partner airlines  – Emirates, Singapore Airlines, Virgin Australia, Hawaiian Airlines, Virgin Atlantic. However, you will have to pay fuel surcharges for most of the partner awards except Virgin Australia and Hawaiian Airlines.

Sample award on Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiin Airlines


Through 10/08/2015, you can get 25% transfer bonus when you transfer Amex Membership Reward points to Virgin American Elevate

If you transfer during this promotion and redeem for Virgin America awards, you can expect approximately 1.46 cents in return for every membership reward point.


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