Saturday - Jan 16, 2021

Get 20,000 Bonus Marriott Points For Every Successful Referral Of Marriott Rewards Premier Credit Card Through Chase Refer A Friend Program

If you are Chase Marriott Rewards Premier Credit Card holder, you can refer friends and earn 20,000 Marriott rewards points for each friend who applied and got approved. There is no limit to the maximum number of points that can be earned through this offer.



Your friend will receive 80,000 bonus points offer, which is the same offer available at



This is a nice referral bonus, considering that 20,000 Marriott points is equal to 6,666 Starpoints.  You can get instant referral link by sharing the referral through Facebook or Twitter.

Here are the complete terms & conditions.



Submitting email addresses: You may submit up to 25 email addresses in a 24 hour period (each 24 hour period is defined as 12:00am-11:59pm CT). By referring friends you agree to allow us to send an email on your behalf inviting them to apply for the Marriott Rewards Premier Credit Card. Your friends’ email addresses will only be used for this offer and will not be used for any other marketing solicitations or sold to third parties. If your friend already has a Marriott Rewards Premier Credit Card account or your friend’s email address is in our email opt-out database, no email will be sent.

You will receive 20,000 bonus points for each friend you refer through this Refer-A-Friend offer, who is approved for the card. There is no maximum to the bonus points that can be accumulate for this offer. Future offer may have maximum. This offer is subject to change and may be cancelled at any time without notice. Please allow up to 8 weeks after each new cardmember’s approval for bonus points to post to your account. Your bonus will appear on your statement as “Refer-A-Friend bonus”.

Due to the confidential nature of the credit approval process, we cannot disclose information on who has applied, nor will you be notified whether we approve or decline any application(s) from the individual(s) you refer.

Chase employees are not eligible to refer friends for this promotional offer.


You can get 20,000 bonus Marriott points for every successful referral of Marriott Rewards Premier Credit Card. There is no maximum bonus that can be earned through this offer.


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