Tuesday - May 21, 2019

How to find Mistake Airfares?

During Christmas, we came across a mistake fare with Etihad, offering round trip to India for about $300. Etihad honored the fare and these booking are ticketed. Many were able to take advantage of this offer

Etihad has one of the best fleet

Did you cash in on Etihad’s mistake fare?

What is Mistake fare?  

Airlines are also run by humans and humans do make mistakes. Airlines tweaks their pricing algorithms to change prices and sometimes they inadvertently change something not supposed to, which results in unexpectedly low fares

How to find these Mistake fares?

There are several resources to find mistake fares, but the easiest ones to follow would be

1. Airfarewatchdog

You can follow airfarewatchdog at twitter @airfarewatchdog and you can even set alerts to your email with any specific city combinations.

Set alerts with airfarewatchdog

Set alerts for a specific routing

2. Theflightdeal

You can follow Theflightdeal at twitter @TheFlightDeal.

Things to remember:

1. When you find a mistake fare, do not call the airline about it.

2. If you are unsure of your plan, review the airline cancellation policy and proceed with the booking and make decision during the free cancellation period (most fares wont last long)

3. It could be possible that airlines may not honor the mistake fare, so do not make further arrangements until you receive a e-ticket.

4. Do not get confused with low fare sales offered by airline vs. mistake fares. If they are officially marketed by the airline, that is a normal sale. Mistake fares are usually too good to be true.


If you can take advantage of mistake fares, a vacation is always around the corner 🙂 . A surprise vacation is always a good idea to surprise your family.

I find that the easiest way to follow these mistake fares is with twitter

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