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Etihad Chauffeur Service In Los Angeles

Etihad offers complimentary Chauffeur service to its Business Class and First Class passengers at select locations, and Los Angeles is one of them. you get chauffeur service for upt0 60 miles of driving distance to/from airport.


Etihad complimentary Chauffer car

Complimentary Chauffeur car – Courtesy of Etihad


Things you should know:

  • You cannot request a Chauffeur if you are in transit. For ex: You can not request a chauffeur at LAX, if you are flying from Las Vegas – Los Angeles – Abu Dhabi – Bangalore.


  • Reservations must be made at least 24 hours in advance of your departure


  • There is a distance limit for each airport. (Ex: 60 miles in Los Angeles)



Chauffeur service is not operated/owned by Etihad, instead the chauffeur service is outsourced to EmpireCLS in Los Angeles area. EmpireCLS offers professional chauffeur service to top executives and celebrities in Los Angeles and many other locations.


Expect to pay around $200 if you request a Chauffer from EmpireCLS

Expect to pay around $200 if you request a Chauffer from EmpireCLS for drop-off  at LAX in Los Angeles area.


We have requested Chauffeur to be available at 1.00 PM for the flight leaving out of Los Angeles to Abu Dhabi at 4.55PM.  on the day of departure, EmpireCLS representative contacted us to verify the address and asked if we have any special requests for our 30 minute ride. They proactively offered car seats and brought them along in the car.

Since we have 5 large bags for check-in, we have requested for an SUV.  Around 12.45 PM, Chauffeur called and informed us that he has arrived and parked near by. If you are wondering about the vehicle, we were sent a Lincoln Navigator – and it was awesome.







Our Chauffeur is very professional and helped us with loading of luggage. we were on our way to airport in about 15 minutes. There were water bottles inside the vehicle and we were even told that they will try to accommodate any special requests if requested in advance (Juices, snacks etc..)


On the way to LAX Airport


Business Class and First Class passengers on Etihad Airways can request complimentary chauffer service. Etihad uses EmpireCLS for providing the chauffer service in Los Angeles.

You can request a bigger car, if you have multiple passengers travelling.


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