Saturday - Apr 20, 2019

Earn 500 Bonus Flex Points When You Activate Real-Time Rewards

If you hold a US Bank FlexPerks card, you could earn 500 bonus flex points when you activate Real-Time rewards.



With Real-Time rewards, you could redeem your FlexPoints for statement credit by responding “REDEEM” to an SMS. You can set up the threshold amount and the categories for which you would like to redeem.



As soon as you get the 500 bonus points, you can always text “STOP” to cancel your enrollment from the Real-Time Rewards.

How to get 500 bonus points?


  • Go to Rewards and click “Redeem”


  • Go to my Offers and you will have an option to enroll for the “Real-Time Rewards”


You will need to accept by responding “YES” to the SMS and the 500 points seems to appear instantly after responding to the SMS



You could earn easy 500 bonus FlexPoints when you enroll for the Real-Time rewards.  While it may not be of great value to redeem the FlexPoints for Real-Time Rewards, you should enroll for the 500 points.

You can always SMS “STOP” to cancel your enrollment.


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