Friday - Jul 10, 2020

Earn 2,500 Bonus AAdvanatage Miles For Adding An Authorized user and Spending $3,000 Or More [Targeted]

Citi just sent out an email offering 2,500 bonus AAdvantage miles for adding an authorized user to select Citi AAdvantage Platinum Select MasterCard holders.



This was made a little complicated by adding an additional requirement of spending $3,000 or more by 09/30/2016.

Check your email to find out if you are targeted for this offer.  I would not consider shifting the spend for this offer, but certainly a little bonus if you are looking to add an authorized user and would spend that money anyway.

Here are the complete Terms & Conditions:

You must pay us for all charges made or allowed by the authorized user. Authorized users are able to get account information. Before adding him or her to your account you must let the authorized user know that we may report account performance to the credit reporting agencies in the authorized user’s name. You also need the authorized user’s permission to give us any information about him/her that we request and to allow us to share information about him or her.

This offer starts upon enrollment and will end on 9/30/2016. Earnings associated with this program will equal 2,500 AAdvantage® bonus miles after you add an authorized user and spend $3,000 on purchases, and may overlap with other special offers in which you are currently enrolled. Purchases exclude balance transfers, cash advances, convenience checks, items returned for credit, fees and interest charges. All purchases must be posted during the promotional period. Earnings associated with this bonus offer are limited to the addition of only one authorized user. AAdvantage® bonus miles earned will be posted to the primary cardmembers’ account in 1-2 billing cycles.



You may get 2,500 AAdvanatge miles when you add an authorized user to Citi AAdvantage Platinum Select MasterCard  and spend $3,000 or more in eligible purchases by 09/30/2016

This is a targeted offer and you should check your email to find out if you are targeted.


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