Tuesday - May 21, 2019

Double your Cashback for One Year with Discover it Credit Card

Here is an interesting promotional offer from Discover. Discover it card holders can double all the cashback earned for the next 12 statement periods. You will get the bonus cashback after the promotion ends, on your 13th billing statement (only downside of the promotion)


Double your cashback with Discover it card

Double your cashback with Discover it card


This bonus is based on the cashback you earned in the next 12 billing periods, not based on the dollars you spent with the discover card. Which means you can get

  • 2% cashback on all purchases


  • 10% cashback on purchases that qualify for 5% cashback per this calendar


  • Double your cashback on purchases made through discover deals.


If you are considering applying for this card, you may applying through a referral link (My Referral link) . You can get  $50 which will double after 12 months


Who is eligible for this promotion?

All Discover it card holders are eligible for this promotional offer (existing & new). If you do not have the card, you can apply for this card before July 31, 2015 and still get the double cashback promotion.  Discover has extended the promotion for new card holders.

Discover it Miles card is not eligible for this promotion. If you have a older version of the Discover card – “Discover More” you can convert to Discover it card.


How to signup for this promotion ?

You need to call Discover (800-347-2683) and enroll in this promotion. This promotion will start the from your next billing cycle.


Things you should know


  • It is unclear whether the bonus cashback will also issued for Discover deals, Discover rep clearly mentioned that the bonus is based on the cashback


  • Bonus cashback will issued after the 12 billing cycles.


  • Account should be active and still participates in the cashback program.



Discover launched a new promotion for all the existing and new Discover it card holders. You can double all the cashback earned in the next 12 billing statements.

If you are considering applying for this card, you may consider applying through amazon.com to get $50 Amaxon gift card. You can signup for this promotion if you apply and get approved for this card before July 31, 2015


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