Tuesday - Jun 18, 2019

Discover Apple Pay 10% Cashback Promotion – Excludes Gift cards purchases

Earlier, we have written about the great deal offered by Discover – You can get an additional 10% cashback when you pay with Discover Card using Apple Pay.

This is great deal and you can get more than $2,000 cashback when combined with the Discover double cash promotion.

Starting today, Discover explicitly spelled out that Gift card purchases excludes the 10% cashback. While it is not clear whether this rule will be enforced or not – it adds some confusion to folks who are relying on buying Pin enabled gift cards to maximize the promotion.




The best course of action is to hold of on gift card purchases until we know that gift card purchases are triggering the 10% cashback when the statement is generated.

If you decide to continue with the gift card purchases, you may be better of adding a  small item to the transaction (Chips, Gum , Chocolate etc..) which may help.



You can now add Discover credit cards to Apple Pay. Starting 09/18/2015, Discover explicitly mentions that the gift card purchases are excluded from earning the additional 10% cashback.

It may be better to wait a few days until we get confirmation if this rule is indeed enforced or not.


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