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Daily Travel Getaways by U.S Travel Association

U.S. Travel association offers annual travel getaways, some of these getaways are really popular and will sell out with in minutes after launch.

For 2015, these deals will be offered starting March 23, 2015.

How does it work?

Getaways will go live at 1.00 PM eastern time on every week day starting March 23, 2015.

All getaways are first come first serve and the quantities are limited, so if you like a deal, you should be on your computer before 1.00 PM Eastern.

Purchase limits vary based on getaways, read individual terms and conditions before purchase. But there is a limit of 1 purchase per offer per day per credit card.

You need a valid credit card to make the purchase.

Each getaway is available through May 08, 2015 as long as it is not sold out.

Here are the FAQ’s for more information.

Here is a preview of all the offers offered for the first 3 weeks.

Some offers may be available in various variants

Week 1: Some offers may be available in various variants


Let us look at the Club Carlson 100,000 gold points getaway offered on March 25, 2015.

On March 25, 2015 at 1.00 PM EST,  Club Carlson 100,000 Gold points getaway will go live. 100,000 points will normally cost you $700, but through this offer you can buy for $450.

Total quantity of this offer is 50 and you can purchase a maximum of 2 per purchase.

You can redeem 100,000 Gold points with Club Carlson program for reward nights.

Club Carlson


For week 2: starting March 30, 2015.


Watch out for Las Vegas getaways

Watch out for Las Vegas getaways


For week 3: Starting Apr 06, 2015.

Hyatt Points getaway is really popular

Hyatt  getaway is really popular



Travel getaways offered by U.S Travel Association can be potentially lucrative. Check if any of these offers excites, we will write a detailed write review of every week for that specific getaways

Read the terms and conditions before purchasing.


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