Friday - Jul 10, 2020

Citi Tightens the rules for Credit Card Signup Bonus

Citi is one of the favorite source of credit card signup bonus for many of us. In the past, there used to be many zombie links giving us signup bonus multiple times as long as follow some basic cardinal rules (no more than 1 Citi application in a week and no more than 2 applications within 60 days)

Over the last few months, Citi has updated/killed most of the zombie links offering signup bonus again and again. It looks like, Citi has taken one more step towards cutting down the folks looking for multiple signup bonuses.


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Citi Hilton HHonors Reserve Card


hilton reserve


These are only a couple of examples, all of the remaining Citi personal cards now reflect the same 24 months language (instead of the 18 months)



With the new Citi rule, we need to wait for at least 24 months to be eligible for another signup bonus of the same credit card, as long as we didn’t open or close that particular card during the last 24 months.

This will surely slow down things for most of us, but certainly not the end. As a reminder, Amex gives you signup bonus only one in a life time for any product and Chase allows signup bonus as long as we don’t hold that particular card and haven’t received the signup bonus for the card in the last 24 months.


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